The Spiraling Cycles of Creation

Primordial Soup, mixed media by Kristina Hutch Matthews

I have found that my creative process has a spiraling, cyclical nature. In order to assuage the passions that churn inside me, I am driven to create; and then those same creations, channeled from planes beyond this third dimension, influence, inspire, and guide me in my unfolding into greater wholeness: my becoming.

I like to think of it in terms of ‘becoming’ because it really is all about coming back to a state of BEING. When I can let go of the busy-ness and the words and thoughts that soar around in my head, I reach a state of presence and complete acceptance of the moment at hand. I find here the greatest peace and the greatest honor I have in this life; the opportunity to create, and therefore connect to God, the creator of all things.

There is no adventure so great as mine when I sit down to draw at my easel; as long as I access my awareness of the present moment and sustain that sense of peace. I can feel Spirit beckoning, and I ask God to guide my pen in ways that will bring comfort and clarity to me in the present moment. It is my sincere hope that my artwork brings peace to others when they gaze upon it as well.

In such uncertain times as these that we are now living through, Artwork that is birthed with sacred intention is a profoundly powerful tool for healing. It is a gift that serves to elevate us and carry us through these troubled waters. Imagery, metaphor and symbols are uniquely powerful in the way they enable our consciousness to build a bridge to a more expansive, more hopeful worldview.

My work is formulated through a combination of meditation, dreamwork, and tapping into the collective unconscious. Shapes beckon to me in the negative spaces, and recurring images in nature speak to me as I pass by and I see ever more clearly the connectedness of all things.

It is my hope that the drawings on these pages elevate your spirits, bring healing where needed, and activate your alignment to your highest self. Namaste.