Meet the Artist

Kristina Hutch Matthews is an artist/writer who sees with her heart. Self-taught in her primary medium of pen and ink, Kristina seeks to learn about the world through the act of creation itself. She is perhaps most unique in the way in which she remains joyfully connected to her inner child, and brings otherwise weighty subjects to light in a way that is playful, accessible and unintimidating.

Kristina has found bliss in following her artistic impulses. She honors the compelling sound bytes and visions that come to her in dreams and meditations by bringing them into form through her pen and ink drawings, children’s books, essays, gardens, labyrinths, glass tile mosaics, and paper mache sculptures. Because she works to remain in a state of openness and a high vibration of love, she is able to channel powerful messages from Spirit. Her work is imbued with the sacred, and the deep truth that WE ARE ALL ONE. To view her work with an open heart is to be uplifted and attuned to the divinity that exists within—and around—all of us.

Using this purely positive, playful Source energy, Kristina loves to assist others in igniting their own creative fires and finding alignment, balance, and wholeness in their daily living. Through her work as an artist, author, meditation guide, dream worker, Reiki master, spiritual life coach and teacher, Kristina shares what she has learned on her journey to assist others as they, too, come into alignment with their soul’s deepest desires and find the courage to step bravely into the space of their bright shadow. (To learn more about the bright shadow, click here)

Kristina offers a variety of ‘Courses in Conscious Creativity,’ at the Penfield Arts Center in Penfield, NY. ‘Conscious creativity’ is Kristina’s term for the wonderful process of connecting to Source energy and allowing it to flow through us into tangible form. Although the resulting creations will be unique to each individual, the common thread is the use of creativity as a technique to discover the authentic self, reconnect with spirit, and step “up and into” one’s soul purpose. There is a meditative component that differentiates this approach from traditional art instruction, as well as a significant emphasis on listening to the messages that come during dreamtime. Kristina guides children and adults with empathy and compassion, creating a safe environment for people of all ages to reconnect with their inner child in a way that is playful and therapeutic.

In addition, Kristina is devoted to the quest of balancing the masculine and feminine energies, as they exist within and around all of us, and to understand and communicate the positive impact this can have on our world. She strives to inspire dialogue and revise the way we view relationships and our patterns of relating to others. With the publication of her wordless picture book The Cat Flap: A Tale of Harmony and Balance, she hopes to open up discussion and create space for new, more harmonious, unconditionally loving interactions to occur between people who come from different -- even polarized -- perspectives.